.NET odsReader for OpenDocument Spreadsheet  

Introducing .NET odsReader for OpenDocument Spreadsheet

.NET odsReader for OpenDocument Spreadsheet is a set of the classes, designed to help .NET developers to read OpenDocument Spreadsheet files from their applications. To provide familiar feel and look for the developers and allow future extension of the component, current version of the .NET odsReader for OpenDocument Spreadsheet implemented as a .NET Managed Provider with the read-only capabilities and allows to read the data from the native OpenDocument Spreadsheet files without using any additional providers. .NET odsReader for OpenDocument Spreadsheet is a 100% .NET managed code and designed to achieve the best performance with the minimal usage of the RAM.

Known issues and limitations

Current version of the .NET odsReader for OpenDocument Spreadsheet has several limitations on how it works and what it supports during reading of the data from OpenDocument Spreadsheet files. Future versions of the component could contain functionality to resolve current limitations. Current limitations are:

   - No support for password-protected OpenDocument Spreadsheet files.

   - Limited support for the SQL statements. Current version of the reader supports only delimited list of the spreadsheet names in following format: "shreadsheetname1;spreadsheet2;.... spreadsheetN;" and treats each spreadsheet as a table. List of the spreadsheet names should contain at least one spreadsheet name. See more details inside of examples on how to query data from the spreadsheets.

   - Component does not support updates of the data from the DataTable/DataSet to the underlying OpenDocument Spreadsheet file. OdsDataAdapter allows populating DataTable/DataSet with the data from the spreadsheet(s), but current version does not support updates.